Fee Schedule

The following fees are only charged if you request a special service or for events that require special attention to your account. Most of these fees can be avoided by following the emailed instructions sent prior to your pick up and delivery.

The Special Pick Up and Special Delivery fees are charged if we provide pick up or delivery on a special date that is not offered at your school as a regular date (click here for regular pick up and delivery dates).

We can also provide delivery to another city if you are leaving school. Please email us to request a quote.

Description Fee
Special Pick Up (pickup on a date other than the pickup dates listed for your school) $95.00
Special Delivery (delivery on a date other than the delivery dates listed for your school) $95.00
Late Payment, Returned Check, Credit Card Decline (Expired Card, Invalid Card Number, Insufficient Funds for Debit Card, etc.) $35.00
Change of Delivery Address and/or Delivery Date After August 1, or no delivery address/delivery date on file as of August 1.* $35.00
Missed Pick Up / Delivery (each subsequent attempt treated as Special Pick Up / Delivery) $95.00
Disassembly (fee per any item, such as a bed or ready to assemble furniture, that can be disassembled but is not disassembled prior to our arrival) $75.00
Extended Storage, Monthly Rate
(This optional service is popular for students who study abroad for a semester.)
1/4 (25%) of the Summer Storage fee

* Does not apply to extended storage customers (storing past the end of the summer).